" Darween"   the clown was recently at our son's birthday party..He loved playing the   silly magic tricks with her..He thought she was a very smart clown...He wants   her to come back next year for his 5th birthday party...We will be   recommending her to our friends!....      C. Perkins Brownsburg    

     We were   very happy with "Darween" the clown...the kids loved her and all her silliness...We will be calling her again for our other children.      She was very good with the kids and is a good face painter and balloon artist.....      D.Z Ind    

     Our party was a Curious George theme..."CG" the Monkey came to entertain at our 3 year olds birthday party...the kids had a blast dancing   and playing games with him....We plan on having another themed party next   year and will be calling "Balloons, Clowns & More! they do a great   job!      M.T. Greenfield    

     My   family wants to thank Dar of Balloons, Clowns & More for coming to   our Family reunion....the facepainting, balloons, games and dances kept   everyone entertained for our special event for over two hours...we would   highly recommend her to anyone having a party or event that you need the   children to be entertained and   have a fun time..Thanks very much!      J. Gritsuk    

We had "Dazzling Dar" magician at my

daughters 6th birthday celebration..she

held 23 guests attention (adults included) for 45 min. with her wonderful tricks and fun entertainment..my daughter was amazed! We highly recommend her

to anyone wanting magic etc. at your


C.C. Lake City , FL

We hired Balloons, Clowns & More to surprise an adult friend for his birthday we forgot. We chose the gorilla costume and they showed up as the gorilla with a balloon bouquet, a personalized card and about 5 min. of birthday songs that were also personalized per our request. Our friend absolutely loved it and it's something he will never forget. They were really great to work with, made the process simple and were very thorough. Also excellent price! 

M.F. Tx.